The aggregate industry in the United States mines and sells billions of metric tons of crushed rock, sand and gravel each year. There are thousands of companies that produce aggregate in the U.S. and operate in all 50 states.


Roughly 8000 mega tons of Coal are produced annually. 90% is hard coal and 10% is lignite. It takes a vast amount of industrial equipment to produce this volume. MMI helps maintain this equipment to help ensure safety.


Office buildings, warehouses, and retail buildings are some examples of Commercial Industry. Maintaining buildings, equipment, and foundations are a vital role that MMI plays in keeping America safe.



Lime Manufacturing produces lime and other materials, such as coral, chalk, and shells. Lime is used in a wide range of applications including metal and chemical building material production and water treatment 

Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and Paper Industry is one of the largest industries in the world. North America is the second largest producer of pulp and paper in the world. This means there is a vast number of production equipment and structures to maintain.


Manufacturing makes the world go round. It touches every aspect of life and is vital to all industries in order for them to function. MMI does not take that fact lightly and strives to maintain the equipment and buildings that keep this country running.


Cement is the foundation of the nation’s construction industry. There are very few construction projects that can take place without utilizing cement in some part of the design. Cement production operates in 36 states and the global cement market volume as of 2020 is 4.91 Billion Tons.

Steel and Pipe

Steel is critical to the U.S. economy. It is the key material for many elements of manufacturing, construction, transportation, and various consumer products. It is valued for its strength and is now the most recycled material in the world. Steel pipes are used in oil and gas, water and wastewater, power generation, automotive, and other industrial sector uses.